Meh  20x16 oil/lcanvas

The Girls 24x20 oil SOLD

Beauty is Fleeting  20x24 oil/linen

Street Duet 24x24 oil

Ignore the Chatter 24x20 oil

Still Life Memory 48x36 oil

Mood Spoiler  20x16 oil/lcanvas

It's Been a Journey, 60x48 oil ​SOLD

new works

Just Eat it Already  20x16 oil/lcanvas

Poppy-ish  20x16 oil/linen

​​​​​​  andrea   lindstrom   anderson

Don't Touch my Quail  oil/wood panel

Memories of a Yellow Table 48x36 oil

Poppy  20x16 oil/linen

Coffee Snobbery  20x16 oil/lcanvas

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Smoothie Queen/Martha Stewart's Dresser

Busker 24x24 oil