​Just Eat it Already, 20x16 oil  2019

​New York Stock Exchange, 40x50 oil  2015

​Take Flight II, 60x48 oil  2015

​Mood Spoiler, 20x16 oil  2019

​Buskers, Paris, 48x60 oil, 2016

​So Long, Stella  24x30 oil, 2017

An Espresso, a Cigarette, and She, 30x24 2018

Grape Harvest, 12x16 oil  2018

​Coffee Snobbery, 20x16 oil  2019

Wake the F*ck Up America, 30x18 oil 2017

​Pears Redux, 36x48 oil  2017

​The Girls, 24x20 oil  2018

​Still Life Memory, 48x36 oil  2019

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​HIV Treatment Diary, 24x20 oil  2015

​Shame on Us, 60x48 oil  2016

Barista, Tartine's, 30x30 oil  2013

​Woman with Baskets, 20x16 oil  2015

Blythe Contemplates Her Options, 30x30 oil 2016

​Poppy-ish, 16x12 oil  2018

​Unfolding, 36x36 oil  2016

​Home Made Footie, 20x24 oil  2015

​Catch Like a Girl, 40x30 oil  2013

​Nyaboma Shop, 20x16 oil  2015

​Let Go, 30x30 oil, 2018

​Midnight Pear, 60x48 oil  2014

It's Been a Journey, 60x48 oil 2018

​Poppy, 16x12 oil  2018

​Calle del Comercio, 48x60 oil  2016

Coping Mechanism, 30x40 oil 2016

​Bill Tells Racy Jokes, 30x30 oil  2016

​Scouting Waves, 24x30 oil 2018

Oystercatcher, 48x36 oil 2016

​Eat Your Peas, 16x20 oil  2014

Hop Scotch, 20x24 oil  2015

​Trust, 20x25 oil  2015

​Busker, Seattle  24x24 oil 2019

​Nothing to Wear, 30x18 oil 2015

Favorite Oldies

Smoothie Queen/Martha Stewart's Dresser, 60x48 2018

​Tomorrow it all Changed, 24x30 oil 2017

​Moment in Between, 30x30 oil/resin  2014

​Discarded, 16x20 oil  2012

​Gaucho Viejo, 24x20 oil 2017

​Dance of the Blue Footed Booby, 48x36 oil  2016

​​​​​​​​​​  andrea   lindstrom   anderson

paintings, writings

​Ignore the Chatter, 30x24 oil 2018

Eagle Eyes, 60x72 oil 2016

​Beauty is Fleeting, 20x24 oil  2019